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daily link  Wednesday, February 16, 2000

thetruth.com Damn right.

I hope Dan isn't talking about me. I'm working real hard to become totally platform agnostic.

I probably would have updated this site again sooner, but I spent the majority of the day trying to fend off a strong, distributed and malicious attack on our network at work. Stressful day to say the least.

After reading yesterday's EatonWeb, I went back an reread the Cut the Cheese piece I linked to yesterday. It's pretty clear to me that I didn't read this article as carefully as I should have. I do think good, consistent, well written content is lacking in commercial sites almost universally. Lord knows, we get some pretty poorly developed content from clients to be shoved into their Web templates. It's pretty clear that a professional copy writer would have helped many of these sites to be better and more professional.

I think that this article attacks the good content issue from the wrong perspective. It's not how you get to the goal of good content that matters, but that you actually get to that goal. Why not have professionally edited content and user contributed content?(Eopinions uses this model already. I also disagree with the articles criticism of eOpinions, I just received my first check from them, and I dig reading other peoples reviews.) As far as this being enough of a competitive advantage to sell me, forget it. If prices are the same, it then becomes a competitive advantage worth exploring.

As if that wasn't bad enough, my free drive space link from Monday seems to lead to a service that is broken if it exists at all.

New Powerbooks, new iBooks, new G4's. I'm now selling the following items so I can buy a new Powerbook(with Firewire which is what I've been waiting for.) a Powerbook 1400 upgraded to a 250 Mhz G3 processor, an iBook(with the RAM maxxed out),and a Power Macintosh 9600/350. I'll get the full details and pricing up on this site tonight.

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