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daily link  Monday, February 21, 2000

Damn, I was just over at Kaliber 10000, and they've redesigned. The previous design was long one of my favorite site designs, and I like the new one, but not as much yet. Looks like there's lots of new content in the kiosks throughout the site too, or I missed it all before. Still no t-shirts.(Hint hint.)

10 Big Myths about copyright explained.

Something I will never be: sixfoot6 He's got some beautiful sky pictures up there.(Perhaps he takes better sky pictures than I do because he is closer to the sky than I am.)

Al Gore's WuName is Jive Talkin' Choirboy. Fitting perhaps.

If you are running Windows 2k, you must go to this page. There are so many great things I hadn't discovered yet like accessing the command line in your task bar.(Found via Queso.)

I'd settle for even mid-band right now.

I'm very tired of complexity. I'm thinking about getting rid of all my computers and buying one really powerful PC laptop and one powerful Mac laptop and calling it a day. Right now, there always seems to be at least one computer that needs some sort of maintenance, and I have little or no time to do it.

This is a very good idea. Spam has become a worse and worse issue for me. It would be nice to filter it all into the garbage.

Links served up this month so far: 104.

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