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daily link  Friday, February 18, 2000

Pardon my french, but there are some crazy, unneeded pissing contests going on in the Weblog community right now. I think I'll only exacerbate the situation if I link to anyone, and I probably shouldn't even dignify it with a mention. Sometimes, you just have to realize that, in these types of situations there are no winners, and keep walking.

Looking like a long week on the horizon. Next weekend, Kate and I are traveling to Key West for some R & R time.(I don't talk about Kate much here because she works in another state all week then flies home on the weekends.) It's really tough not having her around all the time, but good for us too. In between is mostly finishing the project that Jack and David have been slaving at the last couple of weeks.

Mister Bump is a weekly comic strip.

From the "other Weblogs with a duck on their homepage" category: harrumph Ooops. It's a random image, so you might get the duck, or you might not.

In an effort to cut the amount of typing required to access this site by 14%, and not to be outdone by the cool kids, you can now reach bump from the bump.nu domain.

Well, this is my first update on my Gateway Laptop upgraded to Windows 2000. Despite the various reports of major errors in the OS around the Web, my upgrade went really smoothly. It recognized all of my hardware on the first try(which is saying something if you've ever used NT.) It's much faster on this machine than 98(which isn't saying much). I'll spare you from further details, there's plenty of press elsewhere to consume.

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