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daily link  Thursday, February 3, 2000

MP3 Player in a watch , yes!

Someone wants to see Abba live this badly?

What in the world is this all about? Is this going to be real football? In this age of salary caps, I would imagine that the talent pool for the NFL would be susceptible to a well financed competitor league. I just wonder about the source.

This evolt article and the recent CERT advisory on non-validated dynamically inserted HTML seems pretty common sense to me. Data validation in input is critical. The scarier part of this is the part about poisoned cookies and persistent attacks.

Now this is scary (Via Monkeyfist)

Speaking of Monkeyfist , it has rapidly become a site I look forward to reading every day. It's a mature Weblog after only a short time of being active. They are turning out content faster than I can read and digest it.

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