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daily link  Wednesday, February 23, 2000

Interesting, Mac OS Rumors is reporting that the Aqua interface is contained in a single editable file in Mac OS X Developer Preview 3.

Not having a good day at all today.

Wondering what Web server software your favorite Weblogs are running? RasterWeb has the answer.

The Web the Way it Was. I'd like to congratulate everyone at Pyra, everyone at Userland, Brig and Jorn for their well deserved mentions in this article. A lot of hard work went into building the tools that everyone is using now, and we shouldn't lose sight of that fact. The article itself isn't all that insightful.

Nikolai has this great new linking scheme for his offsite links. Every site has a tiny box with some defining element of it's design in it that acts as the link too that site. I've been reading his site pretty regularly over the last couple of weeks. I'm honored that Bump merited a box inside the box.

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