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daily link  Friday, February 11, 2000

Welcome to Friday.

Matt passed on this link to a fantastic RealVideo movie of a Krispy Kreme in action. In case I didn't mention it, I really like donuts.

Array is churning out some really great Web design links.

Handspring is finally going to make their Visor handhelds available in retail stores. One of the people at the company we share office space with bought one but sent it back because he felt it was too cheaply made. I'm waiting to see what their second generation devices are going to look like.

MacCentral interviewed the CEO of Connectix about their recent court victory.

Big thanks to Jim and Scott for their kind words about my redesign.

In keeping with successful business strategies for attaining maximum valuation in other Internet ventures, Bump will be pursuing an aggressive strategy over the next several months. We will be acquiring as many other weblogs as possible, regardless of quality, to ensure that we generate lots of press releases. After we have acquired several other Weblogs, even if we have managed to alienate their original users through our rebranding and redesign of these entities, we will attempt to IPO.

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