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  Wednesday, February 5, 2003


"Every composer knows the anguish and despair occasioned by forgetting ideas which one had no time to write down."  

Hector Berlioz. [Quotes of the Day]

Duh, writers too. Happened to me just today. Had a brilliant missive to the boss all worked out (helpful, not critical) in my head while driving to the gym and working out. But sit down to start typing, bang, it's gone. I can only hope that it will come back in the morning, when the brain's refreshed. Dang.

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Yes, it's still tough in Silicon Valley

Still More Job Hunters Than Jobs. A technology job fair in Silicon Valley draws thousands of unemployed techies -- all fighting for 400 or so jobs offered by just 20 employers. Joanna Glasner reports from Santa Clara, California. [Wired News]

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More STC and blogs

Guy, courtesy of Jenny, points to an article on blogs at the Montana STC newsletter. And Guy recaps some of the other recent discussions.

Everybody's talkin' about it, why isn't everybody doin' it?

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Keeping employees

My favorite headline from this week's Computerworld: "BMWs Are Out, Bowling Is In." It's a look at the perks that companies are using today to hang onto valued employees. Worth noting is the concept that just because times are tough, employers shouldn't think that just having a job is enough compensation. Best line: "If companies continue to operate purely in a cost-cutting mode, as soon as the economic situation improves, the best performers will leave."

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