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  Thursday, February 13, 2003

This is just a test of the Radio Title/Link preference, as suggested by Beth Mazur, to make my blog more RSS-feed friendly. Why someone would want my feed, I'll never know (in best Groucho imitation voice). But I want the title to display in red!!! Try again. . .

Well, that's a bit better: Title in red in the blog, but linked in the RSS feed. On to the next project. . .

Dang, fixed a bad tag, now this is broken again. Back to drawing board.

OK, now all the links are red. that's more like it. let' see if it flies with the visitors.

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"A lie told often enough becomes the truth." 

 Lenin.  [Quotes of the Day]

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I know you've all been waiting. Now it's time has come: the America's Cup.

The America's Cup Up Close, Without Binoculars. The Web and the Global Positioning System will make it easy to follow the 2003 America's Cup. By Warren St. John. [New York Times: Technology]

Television coverage on ESPN2. Previews tonight and tomorrow, first race Friday night February 14 (Saturday in Auckland). No American boats (just like last time), but the challenger, Alinghi, is sailed by the same Kiwis who won three years ago. Look for fireworks.

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