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  Thursday, February 6, 2003

To blog, or not to blog

Jenny adds some cogent thoughts to my bit about technical writers blogging or not blogging, including a raft of reasons why not.  All of which make some sense, I admit. The reason that got her started is simple enough: "I don't have anything important to say."

I'm wondering how we know for sure that what we have to say is important or not. It may seem trivial to us, but may be news to someone else. We don't know until we voice it. Or blog it, as the case may be.

Me, I blog in part to create a record of things I've read that seem worth noting (via links); in part to record some thoughts I've had; in part to see if anyone out there has a reaction to those thoughts. If I didn't want to share, I'd just keep a journal in Notepad.

But I'm interested in what's going on out there, not just in my company. I expect to work somewhere else some day, in a company using different tools, with a different philosophy, with different procedures. I'll be better equipped for that day if I know what everyone else is doing. And one way to find out is to read other people's blogs, and another way is to write what I think in a format that allows others to respond. Cogito, ergo blog.

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