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  Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Free software, free documentation. Tired of paying for software, then having to pay for adequate documentation? That's what caused one group to move from Exchange to open source alternatives. [Usable Help]

Gordon links to a story on open source software, then asks who will provide good out-of-the-box documentation if Microsoft won't? But Microsoft doesn't have to--people will buy it any way. And the documentation that comes with open source software isn't always that good--there's a market for third-party Linux books, too. At least with open source, you haven't spent all your money on the software, then still have to buy doc and training! I'm a Linux fan, but especially when it comes to documentation, free does not necessarily equal good.

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Turner Plans Role as Gadfly Without Portfolio. Now that he has left the company's management, Ted Turner is emerging as an even greater threat to AOL Time Warner's stability. By David D. Kirkpatrick and Jim Rutenberg. [New York Times: Business]

You go, Ted!

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