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  Sunday, February 16, 2003

It's time to work up the year's conference plan. Here's the current lineup:

CHI2003, the annual confab of ACM's SIGCHI, one of the world's premier gatherings of the folks who design the interfaces we'll be using years from now. I made my final reservations (air and hotel) today, so I must be committed. April 7-10, Fort Lauderdale FL.

STC@50, the annual STC conference. A chance to meet with STC leaders and movers and shakers from around the country. May 18-21, Dallas TX.

DUX2003, a collaborative conference involving SIGCHI, SIGGRAPH, and AIGA. San Francisco, June 5-7. I'm an official volunteer for this one, working on the Web site.

STC Region 8 is rescheduled for July in Las Vegas, but I may be conferenced out by then. Besides, Vegas; July? Seriously!??!

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