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Thursday, May 01, 2003

Oh...What A Day 

 I must admit, that yesterday was a most exhausing day. Not that it was much different from any of the previous days of testimony, insomuchas I sit, listen and ponder...but for some reason I was particularly "drained" at the end of the day as if I had danced far too much around the maypole. But after a good nights sleep, I am revitalized and once again, ready to appear and see that justice is served. Oh_Oh_Oh Over the past week I have come to have a greater appreciation for our legal system and watched as it attempts to be "fair" at all costs. The struggles to be so, entail a great determination upon many people, courts, counsel, jurors, witnesses, experts, judges, baliffs and other court workers. Sometimes it can seem that this attention to detail causes the whole system to grind to a halt, but then I think of it's true purpose..."liberty and justice for all". When all is said and done, fellow jury men and women simply ghosts of the past and when the days have become yet another memory of life, I will take-away the thought that I have done my very best to assist in the process as fairly and impartially as possible. How very appropriate that, in France, the Maypole is known as the "Tree Of Liberty", a virtue we all respect and admire.


Today's Quote:

The old lover to himself: “Once more round the maypole, to see what I have missed".-Mason Cooley

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