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  Wednesday, August 20, 2003



Since I've volunteered to be the Blogging Alliance's Secretary of the Treasury during the ongoing bloody conflict with the Axis of Naughty, I'm offering the following as the official worthless, inflationary, fiat currency. I kind of like the US design, so I'll stick with that for the basics. The fact that I'm too lazy (and lack the software) to Photoshop something better has nothing to do with it.



 The front design has the small addition of a bone, to commemorate the millions of innocent puppies blended by the Nameless Evil Dark Lord of the Blogosphere. The purple symbolizes the, uh... um... color of new-born puppy blood… or something.




The back carries the new motto of "Question Authority". Yes, I know this was originally some filthy hippy saying, but if formerly pleasantly connoted words like "gay" and "bright" can be co-opted by groups with an agenda, who am I to buck a trend?


The motto serves as a reminder that authority must be earned my merit and hard work, not through the mere luck of having the most linked-to blog in the universe. Also, an authority that can't handle a few questions deserves no respect.


Ask the Nameless One a question, and what do you get? "Indeed", or "hmm".


Hell, those are the same meaningless noises I make when I pretend to be listening to my wife.


Ask Frank J a question, and you get... well, filthy lies


But they're DAMNED FUNNY filthy lies.




Coinage will consist solely of the following:




 To insure stability, all Blogging Alliance currency will be pegged to the Somalian Shilling:



 at an exchange rate of Avogadro's number to 1.


Instapundo Delenda Est


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There's no defending the actions of the Columbine shooters. But over at Right Wing News, John has a clip of an instant message discussion where someone gives it a try.


Or so he says. Actually it comes off as more of a "who's on first" conversation (sans comedic intent) with each speaker on a different topic. John condemns the shooters, and X discusses when and if a weaker victim is justified in using violent force in defending himslf against a physically stronger bully. Someone in the comments figures it out.


Despite being on different pages, it's an interesting discussion. Take a look.
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Rocket Jones has a wonderful "gotta be a guy to really enjoy this one" story about a man, his son, and playing with fireworks. The story comes complete with unintended consequenses that put a big ol' grin on my face.

I'm dedicating this one to my nephew Mike, with whom I once spent a delightful afternoon dissecting M-100's.

Oh, and if the permalink is blogspotted, hit CTRL-F and search for "Bonding with the Boys".


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Via Boots and Sabers, I'm told that:


While sitting at your desk make clockwise circles with your right foot.

While doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your right hand.

Your foot will change direction.


I tried it, and it's true. Freaked me out pretty good, that one did.


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I love M. C. Escher's drawings. I have them on coffee cups, posters, mouse pads, and several T-shirts. If I were the tattooing type, I'd probably get Waterfall on my back. They are simultaneously realistic and impossible. They tickle my intellect.

Via American Digest, I've discovered that someone actually built a model of Escher's Ascending and Descending out of Legos. Seeing it boggles my mind even more than looking at the poster. Try it yourself. And don't forget their model of Belvedere.


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HELPFUL HINT: For best results when asking an omnipotent supreme deity for a favor, try omitting the sneer quotes around his name.


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