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  Saturday, August 23, 2003


Owen, of Boots & Sabers, once noted to me in an e-mail that, as a blogger, it's a little disappointing that you can work on a well-thought-out post for hours, and the post that everyone links to & comments on is the little piece of trivia that you just tossed up.

So, to prove him right, I'm linking to his post about a site that has before & after pictures of just how much difference airbrushing makes in a cover model's appearance. I guarantee you will be left gaping.

I'm not providing direct links to the airbrush site, because Owen's post is VERY short, and I really liked his parting shot & wouldn't want you to miss it.

By the way, if you live in Wisconsin and care about state politics, you should really bookmark Boots & Sabers, because Owen does a fantastic job of putting up informative posts on the antics of Gov. Doyle and the state legislature. Very in-depth & insightful.


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I'm not always a big fan of fiskings, as they tend to degenerate into random ad hominem attacks fairly quickly, and, lacking an overall coherant theme, frequently seem confused and disjointed.

But, over at Lex Libertas, Owen (not to be confused with the Owen of Boots & Sabers) does more of a dissection than a fisking. He takes the arguments from the "let's have the UN take charge of Iraq" crowd, and, using the mortar & pestle of ruthless, unforgiving logic, grinds their stupidity into a fine and harmless powder.

It's a precise and beautiful process to behold. Enjoy.


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In sports, as in war there, are winners & losers, and when it's all said and done, pathetic excuses like "I tried" don't count.What I really like about both sports coaches and military men is that there is a hard-core dedication to dealing with reality that's becoming all too scarce in other venues.

John over at Right Wing News has a list of his favorite coach quotes. No equivocations here.

I find them to be a pleasant reminder that, even though life can be tough, I can be tougher if I make the choice to be.

Go read it & then go out there & get 'em!



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Newmanisms is a new-ish blog, but he's already stepped boldly into the Blogwar fray with an inventive biography of Evil Glenn (permalinks are Blogspotted, so look for Friday, August 22, "Of Monkeys and Men"). I believe this young man has comedic spark, and I expect good things from him in the future. My favorite part requires a bit of set up. Evil Glenn used to be an evil female monkey named Helga who plotted world conquest. Seeking supernatural assistance, she conjured a vile demon: Hillary Clinton:


"You are brave little monkey girl to awake such an omnipotent, evil, and not mention appalingly ugly, creature from a sleep that has lasted since the dawn of time. Have you no idea what wicked evil you have brough forth onto your trivial planet!?"

Helga responded by throwing her poo at Hillary.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I'm suppose to be the only one that peddles shit around here!!!


Heh. Good one. And there's more. Take a look.


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Dana over at Note-It Posts ruminated a while back on how going out of your way to help other people is not always as rewarding as the world's altruists would have you believe, and wonders what to do about it. If you have any advice you should stop by & leave a comment.


Her dilemma got me thinking tangentially of an excellent book I once read (now, sadly, out of print and very hard to come by), called "The Art of Manipulation." The book is more preventative than prescriptive, but there was one particular observation by the author which I've taken to heart and used over the years with good results.


On the topic of making loans to friends, he noted that such a loan causes a feeling of resentment on the part of the borrower. Every time you meet the borrower afterwards, the unpaid loan, even if not spoken of, causes an uncomfortable, dangling-loose-end feeling, which can only be relived by either 1) repaying the loan or 2) not being your friend anymore. Both avenues annul the feeling of obligation equally, and even people you like and trust will sometimes surprise you by opting for number 2.


His proposed solution: ask for collateral before making the loan. Doing that secures the loan by an object instead of merely fragile goodwill. In the past, I have accepted things like cassette tapes, walkmans, a post-dated check, and even a driver's license. These loans were nearly always paid back.


In the one case where I didn't receive my tape back, I kept the tape I was holding for collateral, which I actually liked better than the one I lost.


It also works for favors. For example, "will you help me move next weekend?" can be countered effectively with something like, "sure, if you help me paint my living room tomorrow afternoon."


Turning a loan situation into a barter situation avoids the one-sided pressure build-up, prevents resentment, and keeps friendships intact. I strongly recommend it.


Don't be concerned that such a technique might seem crass or insensitive in the abstract. I've discovered that if a person really needs that $20, "just until payday", he'll be perfectly happy to accede to your request for a little something up front. Either that, or he'll bug someone else who'll do the job cheaper.


In either case, the beggar stays off your "owes me" list. And that's a good thing.

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