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Saturday, March 06, 2004


Former Haitian leader 'not forced out' says bodyguard...

If Jim Refinger knows one thing it's this: Ousted Haitian president Jean Bertrand Aristide is safe.

There was no kidnapping, as some sources reported. There was no injury. And for Refinger there was no mystery.

Refinger was there. The former Jacksonville police sniper and retired Marine was part of a private security team hired to protect Aristide's inner circle.

"We left with him (but) I won't talk about where we went," Refinger said Friday from his home in Jacksonville where he just returned. "We escorted him safely out.

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[Curmudgeonly & Skeptical]

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Tales from Darkest Gitmo

That's right, folks, the Evil American Overlords are at it again - with their delicious food, education, medical treatment and religious tolerance. G-d, how can we sleep at night???

[suburban blight]

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Partial cures

[USS Clueless]

It must be hard to catch.  Where I work I am exposed to TB everyday.  After 16 years I had my first positive test.  Now I get to have the chest x-ray every year.  CP

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Blood for oil?

OK, we're ready for some of that cheap stolen oil! C'mon Democrats, where are you hiding it? You said we were stealing it...where is it?... [democrats give conservatives indigestion]

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Wizblog is one year old today.  Stop over and say Happy.  Dan says don't rush out and buy anything.....small bills of large denominations are fine!  CP

One Year Old. It's Wizblog's blogiversary, and I'm afraid the impact of its first year on man and civilization cannot yet be accurately measured. That's something for historians and the passing of time to sort out. But seriously folks....I'm here all week. There's... [Wizblog]

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The Great Chicago Fire of 1871


Michael at Discount Blogger has found a story that raises the possibility that Mrs. O'Leary's cow may have been falsely accused of starting the Great Chicago Fire.


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Martian Hidden Mickey. The Spirit rover's stainless steel brushes on its Rock Abrasion Tool left behind a hidden Mickey on one of Mars's rocks. Link (Thanks, JWZ!)
[Boing Boing Blog]

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Are these Ragheads sick or what?

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Please keep the Arabs away!

[Worth 1000]

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The liberals need to update their lexicon...

[Daily Pundit]

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Kerry's wife funds critics of Bush ads 
Non-profit group behind 9/11 families
tied to Heinz charitable contribution

It's becoming more obvious that this woman plans to buy her way into the White House.  Wake up Hillary!  If she gets old Flip-Flop in there for 8 years she plans for the next 8 to be a woman president and it isn't you!

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Astronomy Picture of the Day

N49 s Cosmic Blast

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"Mayor Mike Moran" - has a nice ring to it

Remember NYC firefighter Mike Moran, the guy who lost his firefighter brother on 9-11, and captured America's sentiment when he  told Osama bin Laden he could "kiss my Irish ass?"  He called Limbo's show yesterday to basically say... [Curmudgeonly & Skeptical]

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Kerry unrepentant for pro-Hanoi activism
Local paper described him as 'closest thing to a male Jane Fonda'

He seemed to want it both ways in the protest movement. While claiming to "hate" the communists, he decried any attempt to marginalize them within the movement. Once, when questioned about his political alliance with supporters of the enemy, Kerry said that any attempts to push out Hanoi supporters might result "in seriously dividing and weakening the movement, and making it less effective."

That didn't sit well with some VVAW members beyond the Washington Beltway. Back in Massachusetts, VVAW state coordinator Walker "Monty" Montgomery, a Tennessee native, publicly differed with Kerry. The Boston Herald-Traveler reported Montgomery "was considerably more candid than Kerry about the problems posed by revolutionary communists inside an antiwar organization." [WND]

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Three headed Frog

Bush's fault for not signing Kyoto I'm sure.

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3/6/2004. Day By Day by Chris Muir

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 Heather Has Two Mommies...

 "How come you are so mean, mommy?" Heather asked.

"Don't say 'mean', Heather; I prefer 'aggression-enhanced.'" Crystal corrected. "It is probably because I used to be a man's girlfriend, er... unpaid sex worker. Actually, the best term to use is probably acquaintance rape survivor."

"How come that man next to us has such a big lens," Heather asked. "Is he sexually inadequate?"

"Remember not to be judgmental, Heather," Crystal replied. "Just because a white oppressor has a lens that costs and weighs more than a used car, that doesn't mean he is performance-challenged."

Thanks Ben

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 Who's Acting Unilaterally?
A pair of articles in the New York Times illustrate the silliness of those who attack the Bush administration of "acting unilaterally" and "alienating our allies." The first, which appeared yesterday, is a fascinating tale of a multinational investigative effort that "caught dozens of suspected Qaeda members and disrupted at least three planned attacks in Saudi Arabia and Indonesia."

It all started in April 2002, when the oddly named Christian Ganczarski, "a 36-year-old Polish-born German Muslim whom the German authorities suspected was a member of Al Qaeda," rang up al Qaeda bigwig Khalid Shaikh Mohammed to tell him about a terror massacre in Tunisia:

Through electronic surveillance, the German authorities traced the call to Mr. Mohammed's Swisscom cellphone, but at first they did not know it belonged to him. Two weeks after the Tunisian bombing, the German police searched Mr. Ganczarski's house and found a log of his many numbers, including one in Pakistan that was eventually traced to Mr. Mohammed. The German police had been monitoring Mr. Ganczarski because he had been seen in the company of militants at a mosque in Duisburg, and last June the French police arrested him in Paris.

Mr. Mohammed's cellphone number, and many others, were given to the Swiss authorities for further investigation. By checking Swisscom's records, Swiss officials discovered that many other Qaeda suspects used the Swisscom chips, known as Subscriber Identity Module cards, which allow phones to connect to cellular networks.

The effort "involved agents from more than a dozen countries, including the United States, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Britain and Italy," the Times notes. Alienating our allies indeed!

The second article, in today's Times, points out the folly of those who were pro-Saddam by proxy--that is, who claimed America's liberation of Iraq would be "illegitimate" because it purportedly lacked the approval of the United Nations.

"A group of Russian engineers secretly aided Saddam Hussein's long-range ballistic missile program, providing technical assistance for prohibited Iraqi weapons projects even in the years just before the war that ousted him from power," the Times reports. The technicians apparently weren't working for the Russian government, "but any such work on Iraq's banned missiles would have violated United Nations sanctions."

Russia has a veto at the U.N. Security Council; if it can't stop its own citizens from violating U.N. rules, what moral authority does it have to pass judgment on U.S. actions? [WSJ]

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Quote of the Day

 I have this theory that all of the world's anger and hostility originates from a lack of cool tech gadgets. If everyone in the world had access to Wi-Fi broadband Internet, DirecTV with TiVo and satellite radio... wars would end, stars would align, and people all over the planet would sit in circles singing folk songs. Then maybe, just maybe I might have the inner peace needed to contemplate such important mysteries such as how they get the cream filling inside of those darned Twinkies.  Matt Hartley

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