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Sunday, March 28, 2004



This cloud is real... [Curmudgeonly & Skeptical]

You can't fool me!  I know there is a flying saucer hiding in there.  Did I tell you I was abducted while serving in Vietnam?

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RUSSERT: Did you vote for George Bush in 2000?

CLARKE: No, I did not.

RUSSERT: You voted for Al Gore?

CLARKE: Yes, I did.

Isn't it nice that the left has no idea how to fight a battle and keeps shooting blanks?  Please don't tell them?  Wonder how many more idiots like Clarke they have lined up with book contracts from CBS?

8:33:48 PM    



Correct me if i'm wrong but does the caption make sense with this picture? If that's a nuclear power plant, i think that would be steam coming out of the cooling towers. Last i heard, water vapor was not a... [annika's journal]

Bulls eye Annika!

7:55:11 PM    


NASA's X-43A is a hypersonic scramjet-powered research aircraft (artist representation)

NASA's X-43A Proves Hypersonic Scramjet Flight.

[Planenews Aviation News Portal]

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Fly over your house with this website.

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Living up to the ideals of the original Black Republican

"This election will either be an acceptance of this new paradigm or a refutation of it. Either way, the consequences will be huge - and one of the things that we here at the Black Republican hope gets put aside forever is this preoccupation some people (read liberals, the elite media, and most Democrats - Jessie Jackson) have with race. A persons race has no bearing whatsoever on abilities or capabilities, and the sooner those people come to that understanding or are forced to accept that premise, the better for us all."  [Left Coast Conservative]

6:16:28 PM    



You know that extremely boring series of movies except for the part where Shrek farts and Donkey gets grossed out....oops....sorry wrong movie?    Anyway - here is the condensed version that won't put you to sleep and you don't have to pay lots of money for it.

1:35:36 PM    


Bush has nothing to fear from this hilarious work of fiction

"Yessir, for eight years the Clinton administration was relentless in its commitment: no sooner did al-Qa'eda bomb the World Trade Center first time round, or blow up an American embassy, or a barracks, or a warship, or turn an entire nation into a terrorist training camp, than the Clinton team would redouble their determination to sit down and talk through the options for a couple more years. Then Bush took over and suddenly the superbly successful fight against terror all went to hell."

1:22:32 PM    


Troop Morale

"From my own experiences, I can tell you that Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines all bitch about their leaders. They bitch about living in sand storms. They bitch about cold fake eggs for breakfast. They bitch about carrying a 40 pound ruck through the rain. They bitch about everything. Everything. Why shouldn't they? Life in the military is tough. And, as Greyhawk points out, it also won't get any better unless someone complains.

I can also tell you that most complaints are said with a dry sense of humor. When everyone suffers, it's almost humorous. When one suffers, it's detrimental to morale.

But I would bet you that, even with all of the complaining, the vast majority wouldn't say that their morale would decrease the effectiveness of the mission. Most would follow their leaders into hell if required (although they would probably bitch about the temperature)."   [Blackfive - The Paratrooper of Love]

1:16:55 PM    


Superstition and Myth

"Superstition and myth seem to be the methodology of choice for the folks jumping on the bandwagon to assign blame for 9-11, and shift that blame to the Bush administration.

This same line of thinking had primitive peoples worldwide doing similarly unrelated activities, such as rain dances, sacrificing virgins to volcanoes, and other obviously silly things to ensure bountiful crops, or a good hunt, or plentiful fishing.

Still, Clarke has made the observation, and more than a few seem to have latched onto it, that because the Bush administration wasn't having pointless daily meetings, that could be why 9-11 occurred, even though he readily admits that after January 20th, short of presciently arresting all the hijackers, the operation probably still would have been a 'go'. Obviously, in his world, no one was doing anything. Sure, the same sorts of alerts, which the front line FBI, FAA, Customs, and local police forces were used to seeing had gone out. But the meetings weren't held. They weren't issuing a flurry of emails and memos based on the meetings. Important phone calls were not being made to double check what was discussed at the meeting or what would be on the agenda for the next one. Clearly, since fruit wasn't being gathered to put into baskets to toss off the cliff to the Gods of the Sea, that's why the fishing boats were wrecked by a storm!"   [Silent Running]

1:11:33 PM    


Rebuttal to “Bogus” Bush Resume

"Have you ever heard the phrase, "You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor”? If you believed that cleverly written slander you owe it to yourself to read this. You may also consider sending this rebuttal to the person that sent you the bogus “Bush Resume” and anyone else with whom you may have shared it.  Let’s examine the claims one by one."

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Astronomy Picture of the Day

Stars and the Bubble Nebula

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Rice Praises Clarke for Defeating al Qaeda

National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice today praised former counter-terrorism coordinator Richard A. Clarke for "leading the Clinton administration to crush al Qaeda before it had a chance to strike us again on our own soil." "After the 1993... [ScrappleFace]

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Will Rogers  

 "On account of being a democracy and run by the people, we are the only nation in the world that has to keep a government four years, no matter what it does." [Quotes of the Day]

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3/28/2004    [Day By Day by Chris Muir]

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 Hysteria roll call: Richard Clarke

 "News.com correspondent Declan McCullagh takes on Washington's reigning cyber-war fearmonger. "Clarke was a professional paranoiac, a modern-day Chicken Little blinkered by a career spent in the cloistered intelligence community... Soon after President Clinton appointed him to a 'national coordinator' post in 1998, Clarke became infamous for darkling warnings about the specter of a 'digital Pearl Harbor' that would snarl computers and roil the world's economy... Clarke's penchant for the dramatic, which I witnessed firsthand when I spent an hour interviewing him in December 2001, extended to a farewell statement he circulated in January. It warned of the dangers of the SQL Slammer worm, which infected servers running Microsoft software. In that statement, Clarke claimed that Slammer 'disabled some root servers, the heart of Internet traffic.' Not true... Clarke also claimed that aa national election/referendum in Canada was canceled' due to computer mischief. At best, that was a reckless exaggeration..." [Vmyths.com]

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Ghost Town

Ride your Ninja through a town where every rule of the road can be flouted with no danger of getting a ticket.  There is one rule you should not flout.  Don't stay very long!  The price for violating that rule will be very high!

Thanks OD

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