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Thursday, February 13, 2003

Visual Valentines

To be able to see with your heart is indeed a task we all wish we could accomplish, therefore, today's Valentine was of the visual variety. A silver wire and glass bead photo frame containing a photo of we two, on that recent evening at the beach. When just before twilight and as the sun hung low, ever so slowly sinking into that golden, glistening sea. A moment now preserved not only in our visions but captured as well on paper adorns this new frame.Visions_Of_Valentines But even this likeness is not enough to stir all the memories of days gone by, what we need is a gallery of such shots to relive those other, just as wonderful days. And so it was, that the personalized and hand designed webpage was created. Inspired with more than fifty candid views of my beloved, each one displaying a different reason why she is indeed, MY Valentine. The red heart background gives way to tears of joy and hidden text, which accompanies each photo as it proclaims amourous affections. There near the bottom, a guestbook filled with notes and comments from friends and family exclaiming their individual favorites and best wishes. Apparently so touched by this jesture that the red velvet box of assorted chocolates must linger yet a bit longer. Four days now passed and still one more remains.  So tell me, how will day five unfold? What sentiment will find its' way into her heart? Perhaps you should not miss the comings of tomorrow!


Today's Quote:

Vision is the art of seeing things invisible.-Jonathan Swift

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