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Monday, February 24, 2003

Working For A Living

Are you engaged in some type of "satisfying" work? The answer to which can tell you a great deal about another person. Sure, some people hold a job merely for monetary gain that they receive, and while I do not dispute the fact that this is an important aspect, it should NOT be the the main reason nor the only one.Rust Money can be made by counting widgets on a conveyor belt, but I would hardly call that interesting or even satisfying. By "satisfying", I refer to any type of work that makes you think, commands your attention or otherwise interests you. For most of us, work is an inevitable part of life and you may have heard many a person say "when I win the lottery, I will never work again". But even someone with all the money in the world surely requires some type of satisfying outlet...and that may be termed..."work". It would be impractical to believe that most jobs are so thrilling that you would continually refuse to leave at the end of each day but, in fact, there are those workaholics that do just that.You may know someone who works hard and long at something they love and think that they will "work themselves to death", but work in itself may make one tired...but rarely kills. When you can find some sense of accomplishment or dare I say "enjoyment" from which you toil, then consider yourself very lucky.


Today's Quote:

It is better to wear out than to rust out.-Richard Cumberland

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