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  Sunday, October 05, 2003




Today's question comes from the book, "The Conversation Piece":



#231 If you could be any inanimate object for a day, what would you be?




Actually, I had this experience recently. Just last week I bumped into Lucky again, and he turned me into a cloud...



...This ain't so bad. Just floating along with my fellow clouds... Hi fellow cloud!


Fellow Cloud: Piss off!


... Well, that explains why clouds wander lonely. Maybe those geese are friendlier. Hi geese!


AAAAAAHHH! They're crapping on me! EWWWW!


Whoa. Hey. Passed right through. Cool.


What's down there? A couple hippies smokin' a joint. I wonder if I can...


[sprinkle sprinkle]


Have some cloud-whiz, boys! Tough lighting a wet roach, ain't it? HA HA!... Stupid hippies.


Look, there's bunches more. Must be a protest. What's that sign say? "No free blood for Mumia's oil"? What the...?


OOOOOO! Those incoherent 60's temporal-lock-jawed fruitcakes make me so mad I could just...




Cool! Lightning! That hippy's dancing the Flaming Macarena now!


Hmmm... there's a parked truck carrying a load of Tide over there. I wonder...





Just like Postal 2. Now...


[sprinkle sprinkle]


Heh. Those hippies are all shiny white & Republi-clean now.


Ahhhh. Life is good...


What the…? OH CRAP! 767 jet intake! NOOOOOOOOO!




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Signed, Algernon


Lab Rats for the Ethical Treatment of Lab Rats

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For me, you are the queen, the rest is just the rest.


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I just wanted to make this absolutely clear.

There is no "peeing porn" at Bad Money.

There is, however, plenty of XXX BLACK PEEING PORN, which is something entirely different.


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I have no love of telemarketers. But, thanks to my answering machine, caller ID, and Privacy Manager phone service (best invention since the touch-tone phone), I have the luxury of almost completely ignoring them.

I understand, however, that some people may not be so fortunate. For them, I offer a link to the following story at the Emperor's Palace:


You may or may not remember when Tucker Carlson, "conservative" CNN hack, thought he was awful clever a while ago.

He was all up in arms, defending TeleMarketSpamming Whores From Hell™, when somebody asked him if he'd like to have pond scum tying up his phone line 24/7.

And Tucker is oh so clever, so he said "sure" and gave the number to, not his own phone, but to the phone of FOX News, Washington.

"Ha HA!", Tucker thought, "that'll teach those FOX bastards who keep trying to steal our viewer [not a typo - M.]", and there was much self-congratulatory patting of own back in the boys' locker room afterwards.

So FOX, after a gazillion calls, turned the tables and published Tucker's REAL number on their website.

Turnabout is fair play, no?


Naturally, the answer is no, but Misha breaks out the clue bat & does some fine bashing. Go read the whole thing.


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Rush Limbaugh has been accused of making a "racist comment" because he criticized Donovan McNabb's performance and claimed, in part, that McNabb's media popularity had a lot to do with his race.

First, let's remember that the NFL recently fined Matt Millen $200,000 for not interviewing a black man for the head coaching position in Detroit before hiring Steve Mariucci. So, yeah, race matters in the NFL.

Anyway, via Quibbles & Bits, there comes statistical evidence from Slate that Rush was right.

See, he told you so.


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Displaying a decidedly un-feline aspect, Lynn's cat shows apparent remorse for using her copy of "The Goldberg Variations" as a scratching post.


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Not that I want to see them continue their winning streak, but that was a fine last-second comeback today.

Mostly I'm happy because Beloved Wife was the only one who picked them in her office pool, so their victory really boosted her overall score.


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I'm trying to get someone set up on Blogspot so he can start blogging. He'd like to post the occasional photo on his blog. Does anyone know of a free image-hosting place that allows links from outside web pages?


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I don't laugh out loud at things I read. You have to surprise me to make me make noise, and I'm not easily surprised. But when P.J. O'Rourke is doing the writing, there's a surprise around every corner. No man alive is quicker with an off-the-wall, yet completely dead-bang accurate metaphor.

Danny, from Blog O'DOB, recently attended one of PJ's speaking engagements and brought back some juicy quotes:


John Kerry: "He claims he voted for threatening Iraq with the use of force, but not for actually using force. The technical term for this in political science is 'bullshit.'"

Dennis Kucinich "Then there's Dennis Kucinich, from our own state of Ohio--round on the ends and high in the middle. He's a complete idiot. He wants to create a cabinet-level 'Department of Peace'--in short, to do for the war on terror what the U.S. Postmaster General does for mail."


And yes, I left some more over at DOB's place, so go get 'em

(October 1 if PAB, CTRL+F keyword "Atlantic")


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Venomous Kate has this week's edition of Hunting of the Snark. There are a lot of good writers in a lot of bad moods in this, all expressing themselves well. Lots of good stuff to be found, but I particularly liked Brian's double shot at Clinton & Gore's limosine-liberal "hate the rich but are the rich" hypocrisy. (October 1 if PAB, CTRL+F keyword "250,000")


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