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  Sunday, April 11, 2004



Real love stories never have endings.

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...or, if you'd like to see the US dollar win the "World's Coolest Currency" competition, send an e-mail to...

[hat tip to Susie of Practical Penumbra for finding this one for me]

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Now that GEBIV of There's One, Only! has moved off of Blogspot and settled into his sweet new Munuvia digs, it looks like he's actually bothering to post more often than just on Alliance Assignment days. I think I better toss him on the blogroll to keep an eye on him, lest he try to murder me in my sleep with his poisonous violets.

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In this corner: Bad Dog Jake, who thinks that rug in the living room resembles a fine patch of grass... or something... and is a wonderful place to piddle.

And in this corner: Beloved Wife, who really likes the rug in the living room and keeps cleaning the piddle out of it and punishing the dog.

Will Jake keep piddling on the carpet? Will Beloved Wife teach him that carpets are not the same thing as the back lawn, even though both tickle your paws in the most delightful fashion?

I'll keep you posted. For betting purposes, though, Jake does outweigh Beloved Wife by a good 10 pounds. On the other hand, one of Beloved wife's nicknames is Number 7. On the third hand, Jake's as dumb as a box of rocks, and took over a year to housebreak.

Place your bets.

Or give some advice. Whichever.

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Eric of Straight White Guy is musing about what makes a woman pretty, inspired by that silly waste-of-time study that claims women are more attractive when they're ovulating.

I'll definitely agree with him on the joys of watching a woman walk away. And he's right - when it comes to enjoying that sweet sashaying ass receding into the distance, size doesn't matter.

Well, mostly. A bony ass, boy-straight hips, and twiggy legs will never do a thing for me. Man, some of these college girls simply HAVE to learn to eat something once in a while... and not throw it up.

Anyway, what else makes a woman pretty...[stealing glances at beloved wife]

Ok, definitely that ass...
The way the hair falls in her face when she tilts her head...
The way her hair flies when she tosses it out of her face...
Those full, lush, pouty lips. If every woman had lips like that, infidelity would fade from the face of the earth...
That sweet little rack...
The fact that it's currently not covered by anything (YAY! BOOBIES!)...
Nipples that can perk through 3 layers of clothes (she thinks I keep the thermostat turned down to save on the gas bill)...
Hips wide enough to rest your hands on when you're dancing...
The way her nose wrinkles when she squints at me when I say something dumb...
Which, for the record, I hardly ever see. *ahem*...
Very expressive eyes. Hard to describe, really. But I have seen people whose faces never seem to change above the nose, no matter what they're saying, thinking, or feeling...

But mostly it's that smile. That smile that comes so easily and so naturally, and lights up her face like a sunrise over a summer meadow.

Yeah, smiles are sexy.

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I don't mind if CNN spins the news to get Kerry elected. They're a bunch of partisan hacks, and it's what they do. But now, Paul, guest-posting at Wizbang, shows they're just flat out making shit up about what's in that recently declassified Presidential Daily Briefing report:

CNN: An intelligence report received in May 2001 indicating that al Qaeda was trying to send operatives to the United States through Canada to carry out an attack using explosives. That information had been passed on to intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

[Paul]: I read the thing 5 times and I have no idea how they got this. I even did a text search for "Canada" and "May." They are each mentioned once but not mentioned anywhere near each other:

PDB: The millennium plotting in Canada in 1999 may have been part of Bin Ladin's first serious attempt to implement a terrorist strike in the US. Convicted plotter Ahmed Ressam has told the FBI that he conceived the idea to attack Los Angeles International Airport himself, but that Bin Ladin lieutenant Abu Zubaydah encouraged him and helped facilitate the operation. Ressam also said that in 1998 Abu Zubaydah was planning his own US attack.

PDB: CIA and the FBI are investigating a call to our Embassy in UAE in May saying that a group of Bin Ladin supporters was in the US planning attacks with explosives.

Oh, there's plenty more. You might want to put a pillow under your chin so you don't hurt yourself when your jaw drops.

posted by Harvey at 12:08:11 PM  permalink    Crappy Broken Radio Comments (do not use) [] trackback []  HOME


OVERALL NOTE ON RANKING: The new King of the Blogs scoring system awards points based how an entrant performed relative to his/her competitors, so what counts is whether someone got first, second, third, or fourth place. As a courtesy to the contestants, I'm including the scores I assigned to the individual posts to determine placement.

This week's challenge question is:

Is your blog therapy for you or does it exist as an on-going op-ed piece for you to express your views to the world, and why?

DGCI (3rd place)
GOOD POINTS: Takes the time to explain what blogs are before going into the various reasons for blogging. Assumes the throne by utilizing the Royal "we" during most of the discussion.
BAD POINTS: The question was meant to be about the contestant's feelings & opinions. A chance to open up and share a little bit about himself. I thought this post could have been less global and more personal.

GOOD POINTS: A firm-handed discussion of why the terrorists themselves, and not any Presidential administration, were to blame for 9/11. I thought the police analogy was apt.
BAD POINTS: The discussion of Bush and Kerry felt tacked on and gratuitous. It seemed especially out of place given that one of the points of the piece was that the President can't protect you from a terrorist attack, he can only direct clean-up operations afterward. While the Bush/Kerry comparison is a valid point and an interesting topic for discussion, it really belonged in a separate post.

(1st place)
GOOD POINTS: Has the audacity to question the premise of the question (audacity is a good trait in a blogospheric monarch). She has a good analogy (a dinner party) and a good answer (fun). The rest of her entry serves to give support to both, in turns. Well constructed, insightful, and personally revealing
BAD POINTS: None visible.

GOOD POINTS: Striking imagery, and nice verbal build-up in the caption
BAD POINTS: Who's Noah? Also, am I supposed to be amused, disappointed, or pleased that he got walked? I think I'm missing the point here.

(challenge)(4-9 CTRL+F "therapy")
GOOD POINTS: Answers the "which is it" portion of the question while leaving no ambiguity regarding the author's personal politics.
BAD POINTS: Not much into the personal reasons of "why". Jason missed a good chance to showcase his creativity and settled for a few quick political jabs.

(submitted)(4-7 CTRL+F "double standard")
GOOD POINTS: Cites sources for all his quotes, which is a good blogging habit, as it allows the reader to determine for himself the validity of the claims
BAD POINTS: Although the point of Robert Byrd being a racist is well-received, the post was poorly constructed when it came to making the analogy. As written, Jason takes Lott saying something vaguely racist as a compliment to someone who is a racist (Thurmond) - and compares it to Dodd & Kennedy saying something non-racist as a compliment to someone who is a racist (Byrd). The sad part is that Dodd DID say something vaguely racist ("He would have been right during the great conflict of civil war in this Nation."), but Jason didn't use that quote. If Jason had stuck to criticism of Dodd & Kennedy for praising a former Klansman Kleagle, instead of trying to work the double standard angle, this would have been a better post.

GOOD POINTS: Almost Pythonesque in it's self-referential, and self-deprecating humor. It's good to see Bill giving his funny side a long leash to romp with. Even answers the question, eventually
BAD POINTS: Arrogant, pointless, blowhardian twaddle being shoved down the throats of innocent readers. Why? Because King Bill is MAD! Mad with power! Brutally torturing his subjects with an endless meandering yellow-brick-road-to-hell of a post. There's a human rights violation in there somewhere.

GOOD POINTS: Nice visual at the end with the hippy/Dr. Scholl's commercial
BAD POINTS: I read this thing about 10 times, trying to figure out why I couldn't find the point. It finally hit me. The whole section from "While I'm not one…" to "…jobs and all the rest" belongs at the top of the piece as an introduction. In its current position, it destroys the conceptual flow and build-up of the post. This isn't up to Bill's usual high standards. Reading it was like watching a gold-medal gymnast falling off the balance beam.

posted by Harvey at 11:17:24 AM  permalink    Crappy Broken Radio Comments (do not use) [] trackback []  HOME

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