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  Tuesday, April 27, 2004


at On The Fritz this week. Normally there's something either horrifically bad or terrifically good. This time, it's pure, bland mediocrity from start to finish. From the dull, pale, uninspired introductions lacking all but the lamest of put-downs, to the endless series of half-hearted, tepid, vanilla-decaf posts, this week's Bonfire proves that the opposite of "good" isn't "bad", it's "eh, it'll do".

The worst... well, ok, mediumest - of the lot would probably be Classical Values take on some Mepis computer thingy or whatever the hell he was babbling about. I pulled a muscle from all the intense not caring I did while perusing this post. Don't read it unless Eric pays you money, or unless your first reaction WASN'T "Hey, he misspelled "Memphis"".

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[Do you believe in God?]

Hmmm... not sure... ask me again on a fifty.

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Amid the gloom and travail of existence suddenly to behold a beautiful being... and as instantaneously to feel an overwhelming conviction, that with that fair form, our destinies must be entwined... this is love.

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Goldie of Drama Queen asks "what is it about other blogs that makes you add them to your blogroll?"

I haven't done a whole-blogroll linkfest in... well, ever, so here we go:

Day By Day - Excellent comic by Chris Muir that is at least clever when it's not LOL funny, unlike some syndicated heavyweights *cough*Doonesbury*cough*. He's also looking to get syndicated, so I gave him pole position to get him a little more attention.
ErosBlog - Found that one in my referrer logs (or possibly Technorati... I forget). After I found myself checking back frequently (just for the articles, mind you), I thought I'd keep the link handy

Vigilance Matters - Met Marty during the King of the Blogs Tournament. He blogrolled me and called me names & then had the nerve to ask for a link. I put him on, since he's so completely full of... whatever the opposite of bullshit is... and doesn't have a PC bone in his body.

Blown Fuse - First met Tiffany in the New Blog Showcase. Lost track of her for a while, but then she entered the King of the Blogs Tournament. Got hooked on that quirky, amusing, edge-of-murder style of hers. Pretty pictures of herself all over the place didn't hurt, either.

Single White Male - Discovered Joey during the early days of the Alliance. He had some good filthy lies and some mad photo-editing skillz. I kept going back for his weekly question contests. I'll do anything for a dollar.

USS Clueless - Steven is a carry-over from my pre-blogging days. Cogent, well-written, informative, objective analysis of... well, everything. His cold engineer's eye lends level-headed perspective to a lot of topics I normallly only see written about in emotional terms elsewhere.

King of the Blogs - I met Nick via the Alliance and he asked me to be a judge for the tournament. I accepted on a temporary basis which has lasted about 6 months now.

Cox & Forkum - The kind of raw power and truth that single-panel political cartoons were meant to be. Why they're not yet syndicated is beyond my comprehension.

IMAO - Another pre-blogging carryover. Just plain damn coffee-spitting funny. One of the few blogs that I ever delved into the archives of, just because missing a single In My World is a crime.

Boots & Sabers - Competed against them when I entered the New Blog Showcase. I kept going back because Owen is the best damn source I know of for Wisconsin political news.

Practical Penumbra - Susie spotted me in the New Blog Showcase and became my first habitual commenter. I stopped by and saw her having sexual fantasies about men in kilts, so I was hooked. I love horny women.

Blackfive - Voted for him in the New Blog Showcase. Started checking him out after he left a particularly amusing comment to this post, and got hooked on his no-nonsense military opinions.

Madfish Willie - Mike was a long-time blog commenter who made the mistake of haunting my comments. I poked him with a sharp stick until he got a place of his own.

Angelweave - Heather was a big help during the early days of the Great Blog War. That and some quality toe-porn.

Reflections in d minor - Found Lynn via the New Blog Showcase, and was just blown away by the quality of her writing.

Note-It Posts - First noticed Dana during Frank J's first permalink contest. After that she started showing up in my Technorati link cosmos. I was so flattered by all the attention, I started checking her out, fell madly in love, and blogrolled her. At which point she got shy, ran away, and hid for a week, although to this day she still claims it was technical difficulties.

Mike the Marine - he was a chronic blog commenter that I'd seen EVERYWHERE, and a lot of people tried to get him to start his own blog. Rumor has it I gave him the final back-breaking nudge. He probably just wanted me to shut up.

Jen Lars - Public Enemy #1 during the start of the Great Blog War. I was forever stopping by to see what naughtiness she was up to, so I decided to keep her link handy.

homicidalManiak - I knew of her from her work with the Alliance, started keeping an eye on her when she was having some family problems, and just developed the hM habit.

Technicalities - Another chronic blog-commenter who popped up everywhere I went. She pissed me off by leaving one of the best things I've ever read hidden in Baldilocks's comments, so I posted it, told her how wonderful she was, and nagged her until she got her own place. It's amazing the lengths people will go to in order to shut me up.

Drama Queen - Saw Goldie here & there via the Carnival of the Vanities, flirted with her at Madfish Willie's comment party, and decided I couldn't live without her.

There's One, Only! - Spotted GEBIV in my referer logs, and there really wasn't much to see except for one post that caught my eye wherein he referred to me and Frank J. as his "blog heroes". WOW! People in the next state could hear my head swelling. After he joined the Alliance, it turned out that he had an amazing and previously hidden talent for humor writing. When he started posting more than just the twice-weekly Alliance assignments, I blogrolled him so I wouldn't miss anything.

American Digest - Found Mr. V in the New Blog Showcase. He has at least as much talent as Lileks for turning a mind-stopping phrase. Too good not to read daily.

Wizbang - I'd seen him linked in numerous places, so I was familiar with Kevin's work, but I picked up the Wizbang habit after he started the Bonfire of the Vanities. How can you NOT love a guy who will willingly link to your suckiest post of the week?

Quibbles & Bits - I read a lot of Josh's stuff via the Carnival of the Vanities, and got hooked. He's like Stephen King without the funny New England accent.

Trey Givens - Worst New Blog Showcase entry I ever read. Just hated it. Then one day Susie linked to something of his that was really good. I looked at some of his other stuff and decided he was a keeper.

Cheese Stands Alone - I knew about LeeAnn for a long time because everyone was stealing her quizzes. Then one day I was bored and read her entire front page. Hooked.

BigStick.US - Jeff & Tom came to my attention via the Alliance. They hated France & told good stories. What more do you need?

Frizzen Sparks - Graumagus joined the Alliance and started belting out some of the best assignments I ever read. He's scary good when he gets his funny on and he's got a nasty sense of humor that I just love.

Physics Geek - I only blogrolled him as part of the Alliance Blog Buddy program, but it turns out he has a good nose for interesting links, so I moved him up to the regular blogroll. That, and he's an A+ brewmeister.

Closet Extremist - Johnny-Oh was a silent lurker on my blog for a few months. Then he worked up the nerve to leave a comment. He was so annoying I had to kick him out to his own blog. Apparently he had a lower tolerance for my incessant nagging than most people, since he was gone in less than a week.

Snooze Button Dreams
- Every time I saw his link in the Carnival of the Vanities, there was always something good at the other end. But whenever it came time to blogroll him, I always got distracted by some shiny object. I finally managed a permalink when I was having one of my "bright days".

We Swear - I first came across _Jon via a poem he left in a comment to one of Frank J's posts. Then he let me post something of his that was so good that The Emperor gave it one of his coveted "go read this now" links. I was itching to have him start his own blog, but he had a legitimate excuse for not doing so. When he finally went public with his site, I couldn't get him on the roll fast enough. I do wish he'd post more of his stellar political rants, though.

Straight White Guy - Started checking him out after having a great time with him at Madfish Willie's comment party. Just a great guy to shoot the shit with.

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler - Another pre-blogging carry-over. Emperor Misha is the BEST at tearing new assholes into deserving fuckwits. That kind of unapologetic pro-Americanism is all too rare and deserves to be celebrated and cherished when found.

Pepper of the Earth - Although it's technically a partner blog, I go mostly for Linus's writing. I found him via the New Blog Showcase and liked his stuff. Then I forgot about him. But he kept showing up in my referrer logs, so I kept going back and I kept enjoying what I read. Eventually I decided I didn't want to miss anything, so he went on the blogroll.

PhotoDude - Another pre-blogging carry-over. Reid is a very talented photographer, and he has a very grounded-in-reality take on subjects political. I don't always agree with his views, but he always makes respectable and well-reasoned arguments. Lots of passion, but very little venom, which is somewhat rare in the blogosphere.

Little Tiny Lies (now Hog On Ice) - I honestly don't remember how I first came across Steven. Somebody's blogroll, I think. He's hilarious and insightful in alternating turns, so it didn't take me long to decide to make him a daily read.

micro Day Weblog
- I checked my referrer logs one day and discovered that a blog in Latvia had picked up one of my graffiti currency pictures. This amused me to no end, since the blog wasn't even in English, so I wrote a post about it. Several months after that, one of the Latvians who was passably fluent in English offered to translate the post for me. After that, I decided to keep an eye on the place. I don't understand most of it, because it's written in Latvian, but occasionally, I'll still find a funny picture or a link to something in English. Part of it is also sentimental reasons, since I'm a veteran of the Cold War, and played a tiny part in getting Latvia out from under Russia's thumb. It's kinda cool watching freedom sprout in an Iron Curtain country.

The Ecosystem - pure vanity. I want to see how much better I am than everybody else.

Truth Laid Bear - Besides running the Ecosystem, the Bear is also a blogger of no small talent. Worth the read on the all-too-rare occasions that he posts.

Technorati Profile - more vanity. I want to see who's talking about me.

Manual Trackback
- since I have dysfunctional blogging software, and Susie's a ping-addict, I keep this tool handy. It's cumbersome and time-consuming, so I use it only rarely, but it's a necessary evil.

So, to sum up... if you want to get on my blogroll, either:

Be a talented writer
Submit to the Carnival of the Vanities regularly
Complete a lot of Alliance assignments (and be funny while doing it)
Haunt my comments
Flirt with me (chicks only)

Of course, at this point, it's very tough to make my blogroll any more, since it's my daily read list, and it's getting tough to fit the whole thing in as it is. But you never know.

By the way, I linked this one up in a hurry. If any of the links are misdirected, please say something.

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