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  Saturday, April 24, 2004


Outside of spam, few things are more irritating that reading excellent commentary on some news story, clicking the link to read the whole article and being stopped dead in your tracks by some annoying "free registration required" page.

Physics Geek was kind enough to point out a site that lets you sidestep this particular aggravation. It's called You put in your annoying web site of choice (looking YOUR way, New York Times, you bunch of hippie-hugging, recycled toilet paper producing assnuggets), click the magic button, and you're immediately rewarded with working usernames & passwords.

Now all I need is good spam-filtering software, and I'll be a happy man.

Oh... well, I could use more boobie pictures, too.

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Every once in a while I read something that makes me want to go out and punch a stupid person at random because I can't get my hands around the neck of the actual stupid person who pisses me off.

Teresa of Technicalities does a great job of expressing the frustration I feel in this post where she quotes and then ass-rips a piece from USA today:
Bush's comments on the right of Palestinian refugees to return to ancestral homes in what is now Israel were the most contentious. Veterans of the peace process acknowledge that giving all 4 million refugees the "right of return" was a passionate but impractical demand that would eventually be dropped in a final negotiation. But Bush's unequivocal dismissal of the idea infuriated Palestinians and their supporters.

So, Bush tells it like it is, and the Palestinians are infuriated. The people who are supposedly veterans in the work to bring peace to the mid-east have been hiding behind lies and misdirection all these years. They know that the "right of return" is not a workable solution, but they'd prefer not to actually say it out loud. Just string everything along for years. Keep telling people you're working on it. Keep everything up in the air - then no one gets mad - right? But Bush blew their game and is telling it like it is. Oh the horror of it all!!!

There's more, probably about a 3-5 minute read, and very good.

Words cannot express how happy I am that this charming woman started her own blog instead of settling for hiding her writing talent in other people's comments.

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Dave of Headchair has a picture of an American flag that his dad sent him. I guarantee it's cooler than any flag you have at your house.


I'll quote from the letter from his dad that accompanied it:

The flag I have presented to you has a two-fold significance. First, I flew this flag on a combat mission in support of offensive operations in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom 04 (OEF 04). After mission completion I delivered the flag to the Intel Division where the operative B------S of the Al Quida, Taliban or Mujahideen are initially detained and questioned after they are captured. During their initial interrogation they are placed in cells where the walls are covered with at least 100 American flags (this flag being one of the 100). The detainess are forced to sit in their small cells, which are well lighted, and for 9 hours and 11 minutes they must look at the walls covered with 100 American flags.

Told ya Dave's flag was cooler than your flag. There's also a certificate that accompanies it, so go to HeadChair & click that link.

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_Jon of We Swear mused as follows:

Today, I realized that there are *no* asian singers in the top 40, and I don't recall their ever being one. I wonder if that is racism?

No, I think it's just that the yella fellas got no street cred. I mean, go ahead & try to picture Asian rap:

I'm a rappin' ass Asian and I'm here to say
That I'm short and I'm yellow and I'm here to stay
I got a big IQ, I make Einstein look dumb
Own a little liquor store in a New York slum

Work 12 hour days, try to save up for school
Cuz I ain't the right color for a scholarship, fool.
I got a red Toyota and it runs just fine.
I don't drink 40's, I just sip my rice wine.

Damn. That's just hideous. Be GLAD top 40 is all homies & slutty white gals.

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I read Day By Day this morning (April 24th cartoon, I couldn't find a permalink), and was amused, as always. Heh. Free Radicals.

But I was also confused by the reference, because I wasn't aware that those hippy pieces of shit were back in the news. A little Googling and I found out why - The New York Times is the ONLY paper to find them worthy of coverage.

Whatever teeny scrap of respect I ever had for the Times just took a swirly ride down the commode.

So I went to the NYT site to read the story, and... they gave me 50 words and asked for $2.95 for the other 1367.

F that.

Turns out that Cannabisnews was kind enough to republish the article in its entirety. It's quite a read. I never realized just how much I want to strangle hippies with my bare hands until I read it.

Now I know how Rumsfeld feels.

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